—Reviews for Dear Mrs. Ryan, You’re Ruining My Life—

From Booklist: “...Jones peoples her first novel with upbeat, believable characters who manage to handle their problems. It’s refreshing to encounter some positive adult role models. Give this to fans of school stories or readers just looking for a good laugh.”

From School Library Journal: “...This lighthearted debut novel will engage and amuse reluctant readers as well as any child who sympathizes with Harvey’s angst at being embarrassed by his mother....”

From Kirkus Reviews: “...Newcomer Jones does a neat job tapping into a fifth-grader’s mind. Harvey is a typical school-age boy: an avid baseball fan and stamp collector, living for recess and summer baseball league. His wry observations on parents and life in general will keep audiences laughing...”

—Reviews for The (Short) Story of My Life—

From Booklist: “The author of Dear Mrs. Ryan, You’re Ruining My Life (2000), approaches familiar childhood concerns and scenarios with humor, compassion and an appealing, dimensional character. Mike’s lively first-person narrative makes for engaging reading as does his growth from self-consciousness to self-confidence. An entertaining story with a positive message.”

From School Library Journal: “...Of course Michael becomes the hero. In so doing, he sees that there is a special role for everyone, and a way to shine. This theme is explored with humor and sensitivity...”

From Kirkus Reviews: “...This is a sweet tale with an engaging narrator. Readers will likely smile if not laugh at his stories....”



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